Firm Wax Hair Pomade  | Men's Pomade | Natural Ingredients
Firm Wax Hair Pomade  | Men's Pomade | Natural Ingredients
Firm Wax Hair Pomade  | Men's Pomade | Natural Ingredients
Big City Pomade Co.

Firm Wax Hair Pomade | Men's Pomade | Natural Ingredients

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matte finish | firm hold

Still looking for the right pomade?

Long lasting, traditional style hair pomade that keeps your hair tamed.

  • easy to scoop and apply
  • locks in hair
  • non greasy

Homegrown in Long Beach, CA.

4oz Hair wax in a glass jar

:: Ingredients ::

:: FAQ ::
How do I use hair wax? 
Apply to dry hair for best results. Blow dry your hair to create volume. Spread evenly in your hands then comb thru with your fingers, use a brush or fingers to achieve desired look. Keep in a dry cool place, keep sealed at all times to preserve freshness.

Does it wash out easy?
It does, use warm or hot water to wash out and soften wax. Two washes usually does the job

Will it dry and damage my hair?
NO. This pomade helps nourish your hair leaving it refreshed.

Is it shiny or greasy?
Your skin absorbs the oils naturally so there is no run off. When you sweat is when you will have some shine but this usually means your already a sweaty mess...

Does it hold all day?
Yes, if your not running a marathon. If you use it for work or for going out it will do it's job.

Is the smell strong and unappealing?
It's the perfect balance of smell. It's noticeably there even when you don't think it is. People will notice and compliment you while you wear it.

Can I leave it in over night?
Sure, why not but you should practice good hygiene. Washing your hair daily among other things keeps it free of dirt and debris from the day. You don't want crud on your pillow do you? keeping your clean can also help prevent acne. 

Will it make me break out with acne?
No, this is a natural oil base pomade. Not harsh to your skin. It is when you don't routinely wash your face, body and hair that creates breakouts. Also a healthy diet. Stop eating junk! Use these products in a routine, eat healthy and you should be fine.

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