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Jayro Sandoval started this business with a purpose, to make products that have natural ingredients and offer healthy and restorative properties for hair and skin. Tired of using products with heavy toxins and frustrated with limited expensive natural options he decided to try making his own.

As a traditionally trained Chef making recipes from scratch was a simple task but soon realized making healthy grooming products was going to be a challenge. After months of testing one pomade prevailed, then more testing and soon enough we had ourselves original handcrafted recipes. We set out to make products with hair and skin healthy ingredients.

Now, with the support of family, friends and our community we created our business in Downtown Long Beach, CA. We want you to feel confident, live a big life and positively impact your community. 

Homegrown in Long Beach, CA. - We about that big life energy! 

*We bring high quality products while embracing the spirit of living with confidence, being bold and helping community.

- Jayro Sandoval, Owner
  Big City Pomade Co.