Unscented | Styling Hair Cream | Pomade
Unscented | Styling Hair Cream | Pomade
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Unscented | Styling Hair Cream | Pomade

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Going for a more natural vibe? Enjoy the curios smells the world has to offer. Our unscented hair cream remains neutral in the smell battle field. There is nothing overpowering in this jar (nor will it protect you from ungodly smells).

Made in Long Beach, CA.

  • matte finish
  • medium hold
  • unscented
  • restyle capabilities
  • made with natural ingredients
  • helps with frizzy, dry hair

4oz | Glass Jar 

What I like most is, I can use this hair cream pomade everyday it's versatile in any weather and hair type.

Directions: Dab a small amount into your palm. About the size of a dime. Spread it evenly with both hands then massage it into the desired area of your hair. Once you have it in you can style your hair with your hands or a comb. Easy wash out with warm water and shampoo. (It works best if your start from the back to the front, from the base to the top)

:: Ingredients ::
water, coconut oil, sorbitan stearate yellow beeswax, jojoba oil, polysorbate 60, sorbic acid, raspberry oil.


Can I use this on Curly Hair?
Yes! This styling cream helps unlock your curls and repairs frizzy, dry hair.

Does it wash out?
very easily. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Can I use it in wet hair?
you can, but you'll get best results when applied to dry or damp hair. For best results lightly blow dry then apply.

How long and strong is the hold?
it's a medium hold, so it will last all day but your hair might need a recomb if your highly active or running around. This cream allows you to fix your hair easily.

Does it work like a Sea Spray?
yes, but it's a hair cream. Rub into your hands until smooth then massage ito the desired area of your hair.

Does it help with dry hair and scalp?
it can, You'll need to use it regularly for best results. You'll also need to stop using products that might be damaging you skin and hair, this means heavy chemical, drying alcohols, and irritants.

Will this be my new favorite hair product?
yes! it's super versatile and a flexible product. It adapts to any hair type. You just have to learn hoe to use it.

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